Why Do You Need A Dental Exam Every 6 Months?

Why Do You Need A Dental Exam Every 6 Months
Sometimes, it can be a struggle to see your dentist once a year, especially if you suffer from dental-related anxiety. But your biannual dental cleaning is an essential part of your overall oral health routine, and you should be sticking to visiting the dentist every six months.

Also, there is much more than simple cleaning that goes on during your twice-a-year dental exam. Here at Castle Rock Dental, we look for and address multiple things during your dental cleaning, and we want to give you some insight into what goes into each of your visits to our clinic.

Catch Cavities, Plaque, And Tartar Buildup Early

Your dental health takes constant attention and care to maintain. That’s part of why daily oral care—twice-a-day teeth brushing and once-a-day flossing—is so essential. However, things like tartar and plaque buildup can’t be beaten by teeth brushing alone, as scrubbing at your teeth can wear down the enamel. Also, cavities need to be addressed by our dentists before they progress further.

By coming in every six months, our dentists can catch any issues that are trying to form. When these problems are caught in the early stages, you won’t have to deal with painful—and expensive—dental issues down the road.

Check For Gum Disease

Gum disease can fly under the radar when you don’t know what signs you are looking for—even if you do recognize the signs of periodontal disease, you can’t address it on your own. As untreated gum disease can lead to bleeding gums, infections, abscesses, and tooth loss, it is important to get any signs of gum disease taken care of early and quickly.

During your biannual dental cleaning, our dentists and dental hygienists look for signs of gum disease. If there is any detected, there are a variety of options, from scaling and root planing to different gum surgeries.

Detect Oral Cancer

As with most forms of cancer, early detection of oral cancer is essential to prevent it from progressing and spreading. Yet, most general physicals and medical screenings don’t include looking for signs of oral cancer. The only exception is during a dental cleaning.

Dentists are trained to recognize the signs of oral cancer. So, by coming in for your dental exam every six months, you can protect yourself from the hidden dangers of oral cancer.

Locate Hidden Issues

Plenty of dental issues are not visible to the naked eye. While you will likely experience pain from these hidden dental issues, the source of the problem can range from an impacted tooth to a tumor. Even something as simple as a cavity usually isn’t visible or obvious, yet needs to be addressed by dentists to prevent further complications.

At dental clinics like Castle Rock Dental, you receive x-rays along with your dental cleaning. With these x-rays, hidden issues can be uncovered and properly addressed.

Assess Overall Oral Health

Your overall oral health is assessed during each dental exam. The ongoing records of your regular visits help our dentists keep an eye on potential trouble spots, as well as help you develop better oral hygiene habits.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam In Billings, MT

Most Americans grow up knowing that they should be visiting their dentist every six months, but it can be tough to stick with the schedule. If something like dental anxiety, finances, or other issues are holding you back from getting the dental care you need, be sure to talk to us! We will do our best to offer any help that we can.

When you are ready to schedule your dental exam, be sure to contact us to set up your appointment! We look forward to helping you have the best smile possible!

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