Why Dentists Recommend Toothpastes With Fluoride

Why Dentists Recommend Toothpastes With Fluoride
If you’ve ever worked with our dentists here at Castle Rock Dental, then you have likely had our dentists recommend you use toothpaste with fluoride. But there isn’t much of a difference between various kinds of toothpaste, right?

Well, actually, toothpaste that has fluoride is far more effective at keeping your teeth healthy and cavity-free.

What Is Fluoride

A natural mineral, fluoride is naturally found in water sources such as rivers, lakes, and the ocean. In fact, in some areas of Montana, there are high concentrations of natural fluoride in the groundwater.

The mineral fluoride was found to be effective in helping protect people’s oral health, specifically the enamel of teeth, as fluoride helps harden and build up the enamel. You can find fluoride in most public water sources, where it has sometimes been added as well as naturally-occurring.

For those of us living in Billings, MT, our fluoride levels are on track. According to the City of Billings 2018 Water Quality Report, there is 0.39% parts per million (ppm) fluoride detected in our water, and it is not in violation with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Benefits Of Toothpastes With Fluoride

Because of the helpful nature of fluoride, dentists also like to recommend that people use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Not everyone drinks enough tap water—or has fluoridated water sources—so by using toothpaste with fluoride, you can have the cavity-fighting benefits of fluoride simply by brushing your teeth well twice a day.

Also, fluoride can help reverse the early signs of tooth decay. Sometimes, our dentists will tell you that they are watching a tooth. That means there is a small cavity forming, but it is not large enough to fill. However, with the help of fluoride toothpaste, you can prevent the growth of the cavity and keep it free of destructive acid produced by oral bacteria.

Fluoride also can help re-mineralize your teeth. Over time, the enamel on your teeth can lose minerals such as calcium. This loss can leave your teeth more vulnerable to bacteria and make you more prone to developing cavities. By using a toothpaste with fluoride, you can re-mineralize your teeth and keep potential dental weakness at bay.

Common Fluoride Toothpaste Questions

Often, when we recommend toothpaste with fluoride during a preventative dental cleaning, there are some common questions that are asked. Here are some of the most common questions people have about fluoride toothpaste:

  • Is natural toothpaste better than toothpaste with fluoride? Calling something natural toothpaste to separate it from fluoride toothpaste is something of a misnomer, as fluoride is a natural mineral. If a toothpaste’s main selling point is that it is natural, but lacks the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Approval, then it best not to use that toothpaste.
  • Can I brush my children’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste? Yes, it is safe to use fluoride toothpaste on your children’s teeth. Be sure to use a small, pea-sized amount on young children, as they aren’t always good at spitting out the toothpaste, and it is best if they don’t ingest excessive amounts of toothpaste.
  • Do I need to go to a dentist for toothpaste with fluoride? No, you can find toothpaste with fluoride in most stores that carry toothpaste. If you are concerned, look for the ADA Seal of Approval, as all toothpastes with this seal have fluoride. You can also talk to our dentists about high-concentration fluoride toothpaste, which we can supply.
  • Is too much fluoride harmful? Too much of anything can be harmful. In the case of fluoride toothpaste, dental fluorosis can cause discolored streaks, pits, or spots on teeth, but this effect is not common with toothpaste use alone.

To work with our dentists on all your dental care needs, feel free to contact us today to set up an appointment.

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