What You Can Do About Rotten Teeth

What You Can Do About Rotten TeethLiving with rotten teeth can be incredibly painful, as the decay makes your teeth more sensitive when you are talking, eating, or simply at rest. It can also be embarrassing if your tooth decay is visible in the form of chipped or rotten teeth that show when you speak or smile.

Yet, many people live with rotten teeth, believe that fixing them is too hard, impossible, or too expensive. But what our dentists here at Castle Rock Dental want people to know is that rotten teeth are a serious issue that can be addressed at our dental clinic.

Rotten Teeth Create Serious Health Issues

Toothaches and potentially embarrassing teeth may be ignored for a while, especially if finances are a factor. But, it is critical to know that rotten teeth can have far-reaching impacts on your health beyond your dental health.

For one thing, tooth decay can easily lead to infection. Gum infection can lead to a number of issues, from swelling, bleeding gums to loss of jawbone density and abscesses. In fact, in some rare cases, if a dental abscess infection enters the bloodstream, the infection can lead to death.

Ways Bad Tooth Decay Can Be Corrected

Rather than run the risk of the various health issues that can accompany rotten teeth, there are a number of ways our dentists can correct your tooth decay. Some of the more common dental services used to fix rotten teeth are:

  • Fillings – One of the simplest ways to address tooth decay is with dental fillings. The decayed material is removed, and a filling is placed to help strengthen the tooth and prevent further decay from invading. However, depending on the extent of your tooth decay, more intervention may be needed.
  • Dental crown – When the tooth decay is deep, a filling is not enough to address the problem. Instead, our dentists will perform a root canal, cleaning out the interior and roots of your tooth before filling in the tooth and placing a crown. The crown will replace the eroded structure of your tooth and protect it going forward.
  • Dental implants – If you end up losing a rotten tooth, a dental implant can help. Though your gums may need to heal first, a dental implant is a great way to have the tooth replaced with an incredibly sturdy implant.
  • Dental bridges – Should you end up having multiple teeth missing once your teeth are addressed by our dentists, a dental bridge is a good option. It is more affordable to have a dental bridge to replace multiple missing teeth, and the bridge can come in several variations.
  • Dentures – Sometimes, when dealing with rotten teeth, most or all the natural teeth are unsalvagable and need to be extracted. In these cases, dentures are needed. There is a variety of dentures options, from partial dentures to implant-fixed dentures. Our dentists will consult with you about your options and help you determine what will suit your dental goals best.

Find Dental Help And Financing In Billings, MT

Extensive dental work can be expensive, and if your tooth decay is wide-spread, a significant amount of work may need to be done. However, you don’t have to take on the expense of your dental work all on your own if you live in Billings, MT.

Here at Castle Rock Dental, we accept dental insurance, credit cards, debit cards, and cash from those paying for dental services. Also, if you need to finance your dental care, that option is also available, and our staff can help you apply for your needed dental care financing.

To start your dental health journey toward a happier and healthier smile, please contact us today to set up an appointment. We will do our best to provide you with options when it comes to your dental health care and help address your dental health needs.

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