What Are Same-Day Dentures?

As the top dentures clinic in Billings, Montana, our staff at Castle Rock Dental strives to offer a diverse lineup of denture products to our patients. One such product is same-day dentures.

Same-Day Dentures

Also referred to as immediate dentures, same-day dentures are dentures which are inserted into a person’s mouth immediately after their teeth have been removed. These dentures can be full dentures or partial, depending on your dental needs. Both the partial and full same-day dentures are removable dental prosthetics.

Positives Of Same-Day Dentures

There are many positives associated with receiving same-day dentures. Some of the upsides are:

  • Appearance – You never have to walk around with visibly missing teeth as same-day dentures are placed directly after an extraction.
  • Food – The dentures will allow you to chew with teeth after an extraction, rather than being limited to a liquid diet for weeks.
  • Protection – After your teeth are extracted, the open sockets are vulnerable. Same-day dentures can protect these vulnerable openings from food particles and keep them apart.

Potential Downsides To Same-Day Dentures

Like all dental procedures, there are some potential downsides to receiving same-day dentures. Some considerations are:

  • Cost – Same-day dentures generally cost more than traditional dentures as their fabrication and fitting process is more complex.
  • Adjust – You will likely need to have your dentures adjusted as same-day dentures are fitted to your gums when they are swollen. As your gums shrink and heal, your same-day dentures can become loose and need refitting.

These may not be downsides for you, depending on your budget and preferences. Our dentists are also willing to help you determine if the potential disadvantages of same-day dentures is a deterrent for you.

Same-Day Denture Alternatives

If you aren’t sure that same-day dentures are for you, there are several excellent dental product alternatives to this type of dentures.

  • Traditional dentures – More affordable than same-day dentures, these removable dentures are made after your gums have healed post-dental extraction.
  • Implanted dentures – The most stable and effective of the dentures, implanted dentures are rooted by titanium posts placed in your jaw. Your dentures will be affixed to these posts, making your dentures as strong and immovable as your original teeth.
  • Fixed bridge – If you do not need full teeth replacements, a fixed dental bridge can be a good alternative. The bridge is created to take the place of your missing teeth and is mounted in position.

Our dentists are committed to bringing you the best possible dental care. If you are interested in same-day dentures or other dental services, contact us for an appointment.

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