Denture Talk: What Are Denture Liners?

What Are Denture Liners

Dentures are a great way to restore your smile, and of course, restore some of that functionality that was lost when your natural teeth were no longer in place. Still, it can seem like there is a steep learning curve as a denture wearer, with so many new products and phrases. One of the terms you may hear when getting fitted for your new dentures or getting a fit adjustment will likely be denture liners.

When you hear this, you’ll likely have a few questions.

What is a denture liner?

How can denture liners benefit you?

These are just two of the questions we will answer in this article so you’ll feel more prepared when you transition to new dentures, and you’ll know which questions to ask your dentist.

What Are Denture Liners?

For your dentures to provide you with the durability and strength you need, they need to be made from sturdy materials. For most patients, a part of ensuring that dentures can stand up to daily use means that the dentures are made of hard materials.

The base of dentures, made from gum-colored silicone, can feel uncomfortable for some patients. This is particularly the case when first adjusting to dentures or when older dentures no longer fit due to changes in the gums.

A soft liner for dentures is a soft and pliable layer placed between the hard surface of the denture device and your soft oral tissues. The denture liner’s purpose is to absorb the shock and discomfort between the denture base and your gums. Soft liners are used for both new denture devices and retrofitting older dentures that perhaps fit at well as they once did.

The Advantages To Using Denture Liners

The primary advantage of using a denture liner is that it can boost the denture wearer’s comfort. The vast majority of denture wearers find an improvement in comfort levels and their ability to chew their favorite foods.

For those who are in the process of getting a set of replacement dentures or need to delay their new dentures, denture liners can help extend comfort. Liners for existing dentures are also useful if you want to keep older dentures as a backup for your newer device.

Considering Store-Bought Denture Liners

You can purchase several denture liner products at almost any pharmacy, big-box store, or through a variety of online retailers. It can be tempting to try out a few brands to see if they will give you the comfort boost you are looking for. While many products can offer improved comfort for some patients, it is best to first discuss your concerns with your dentist. This will allow your dentist the opportunity to examine the condition of your mouth and gums.

Changes in your gums could be attributed to bone regression, which is very common in those who have lost most or all of their natural teeth. However, gum changes may also be due to an infection or other concerning factor. Allowing your dentist to identify the cause of your discomfort can ensure that you get the right type of treatment.

How Long Do Denture Liners Last?

Soft denture liner material can last up to two years. It is recommended that soft liners be replaced every two years unless there is a reason to replace the liner before this point.

Hard denture liners tend to last about the same amount of time, but they are not the right option for every denture wearer.

The best way to determine whether denture liners will benefit you, or to find out why your dentures are causing discomfort, is to make an appointment to be seen by your dentist.

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