What Are Dental Sealants And Are They Worth It?

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Here at Castle Rock Dental, our dentists provide a variety of services, from the standard dental cleanings to dentures implantation. But a dental service which can really help that you may not have heard much about is dental sealants.

What Are Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are simply a thin coating of plastic protective material which is painted onto your teeth to help prevent cavities. This simple procedure adds a defensive layer over the enamel of your teeth, which keeps bacteria from being able to reach the teeth easily.

Having dental sealants applied is a pain-free procedure, as the material is topically applied to the teeth. Often, our dentists will recommend dental sealants for children who may have particularly vulnerable teeth, such as teeth with deep grooves or pits which have not developed into cavities but could be vulnerable. That way, future dental services like root canals and dental implants may be able to be avoided.

Benefits Of Having Dental Sealants Applied

You’ve likely figured out some of the benefits of dental sealants. However, if you aren’t sure what all the benefits of having dental sealants applied, here are some of the top benefits in both the long- and short-term.

  • Protect from future tooth decay – When healthy teeth are sealed by dental sealants, you can add a layer of protection against the bacteria which causes tooth decay. That way, as the harmful bacteria eats leftover food and excretes acid, the acid won’t directly make contact with your teeth.
  • Excellent filler to protect crevasses – Some teeth naturally have deeper crevasses and pits that aren’t cavities. However, these areas can be tough to clean properly, leaving them more vulnerable to tooth decay developing. With an unnoticeable layer of dental sealant, these crevasses can be “filled” without changing the bite of the teeth.
  • Doesn’t impact the visual of teeth – While other dental treatments are meant to alter the appearance of your teeth, dental sealants dry clear. That way, not only are your teeth protected, there is no discoloration or film that is detectable.
  • Good protection for all ages – Whether you are looking to protect your children who may not have all the teeth brushing skills they need or you are looking for a layer of protection between you and future cavities, dental sealants are good for all ages.

As you can see, dental sealants are simple, safe, and effective. If you would like to have dental sealants placed by our dentists, contact us for an appointment today.

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