What Are All-On-Four Dental Implants?

When many people think about dentures, the image that comes to mind is the removable dentures they saw their grandparents wear. However, thanks to modern dentistry innovations, our dentists at Castle Rock Dental can offer all-on-four-dental implants as a permanent denture solution, giving you a brand-new smile.

All-On-Four Dental Implants Basics

All-on-four dental implants require two different dental products to come together. Four titanium rods will be implanted into your jaw. In some circumstances, our dentists may recommend six titanium rods. As these rods fuse with your jawbone to create strong roots for your new teeth, your dentures will be created to match your color specifications and the size restrictions of your mouth.  

Once the rods have fused with the jawbone, our dentists will be able to seat your dentures in place and will either use dental cement or screws to secure the teeth to the dental implants. Since the whole structure of the dentures rests on just the four dental implants, which is why this type of implanted dentures are called all-on-four dental implants.

With the teeth attached to the dental implants, you can use them like you would your natural teeth, as they will just as sturdy.

Potential Drawbacks To Choosing All-On-Four Dental Implants

Depending on your circumstance, there may be some potential drawbacks to choosing to receive all-on-four dental implants.

  • Difficulty sensing bite strength – The periodontal ligament in our natural teeth tells us when we need to stop biting down and makes our teeth sensitive to force. If you have upper and lower all-on-four dental implants, it is possible to bite hard enough to chip or fracture your implanted dentures.  
  • Potential speech retraining – Like with other denture products, it can be difficult for some patients to become used to the way their dentures change how words are formed. The soft tissue of the mouth is generally reduced with all-on-four dental implants, as they need to be relatively bulky to retain their strength. However, over time and with practice, this problem can be overcome.
  • Can be damaged by teeth grinding – If you are prone to bruxism (teeth grinding), jaw clenching, or other forms of irregular chewing, your all-on-four implanted denture can be damaged. This damage is due to the force you can exert without even noticing it. If you still want all-on-four dental implants, our dentists may recommend a bar-supported overdenture. With this in place, you can remove your implant-supported dentures and place a nightguard on when you sleep.

All-On-Four Dental Implants At Castle Rock Dental

If you are interested in receiving all-on-four dental implants, contact us for an appointment. Our dentists will consult with you to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment and will help you receive the all-on-four dental implants if you are eligible for them.

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