Top 5 Products to Keep Your Dentures in Great Condition

Top 5 Products to Keep Your Dentures in Great Condition

Dentures are a serious and important expense. They allow you to experience normal life, despite the condition of your teeth (or lack thereof!) by giving you a mouth full of beautiful and functional teeth. However, ill-fitting or damaged dentures can just as easily make your life a hassle. After spending so much on custom dentures that you plan to use each and every day, it’s just silly to let them deteriorate before their time. Today we’re sharing our top 5 favorite denture products that can prolong the life and improve the functionality of your dentures!

Top 5 Denture Products

  1. Denture Bath. A quality rinsing case or “bath” can make a huge difference in keeping your dentures soft and flexible. Sure, a glass or cup can work, but a sealed denture bath will keep them more protected and hydrated.
  2. Denture Brush. Dentures are not real teeth, so a softer toothbrush is recommended to keep them in good shape. There are specific brushes designed to clean dentures without damage or excessive abrasion. It may seem unnecessary, but it will actually keep your dentures looking fresher longer.
  3. Denture Travel Kit. A separate denture travel kit will ensure that you never forget the key pieces you need to keep your dentures in prime condition no matter where the road takes you. They are small and compact, but useful.
  4. Emergency Denture Repair Kit. You can go big or small, expensive or affordable, but a repair kit is an essential product for any denture-wearer. If you start to notice a loose tooth, crack, bend, or other issue these kits can stop a small problem from becoming a devastating blow.
  5. Adhesive Strips. Gels and saliva-thickeners don’t work for everyone – but adhesive strips can. Not to mention they are small and easy to keep in your bag or car for adjusting your dentures at any point of the day.

If you haven’t tried at least a couple of these, we highly recommend them to enrich the care of your dentures. On top of these excellent products, we recommend a few careful habits to keep your dentures fitting comfortably and working efficiently. Remove and clean your dentures after each meal, if possible. Avoid acidic or highly colorful foods that may stain your dentures. And lastly, see your dentist regularly to ensure that the dentures fit and are in good condition. There is no reason you shouldn’t have beautiful and effective teeth – even if they aren’t your actual teeth. We’ll never tell.

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