Smile Makeover VS Mouth Reconstruction

Smile Makeover VS Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is all about rebuilding and restoring your teeth for functional purposes. Smile makeovers are all about improving the appearance of smile. Read on to get more specifics about each option.


According to the American Association of Orthodontists, a third of all American adults are not happy with their smile. What’s more is that 70 percent of those surveyed believe that an unattractive smile can hinder their career success, and a whopping 99.7 percent believe their smile is an important social asset.

Smile makeovers are all about achieving a mega-watt smile that will give you endless amounts of confidence.

When discussing a smile makeover with one of our dentists, we will ask you about the parts of your smile you are dissatisfied with and we will provide solutions for fixing them.

Common smile makeovers procedures include adjusting the alignment and spacing of teeth (often with Invisalign), replacing missing teeth with dental implants, smoothing chipped or cracked teeth, contouring gums, full veneers and/or whitening your teeth.

Smile makeovers are elective, which means that your insurance company is not likely to pay a portion of the costs.


Full mouth reconstructions are some of the most rewarding work we do here at Castle Rock Dental. We love helping our patients get the healthy and functional smiles they deserve. Reconstructions are done to help people whose teeth are compromised and are causing them pain or inconvenience. The need for a reconstruction might be due to a special medical condition, long-term neglect, or trauma that has damaged your teeth.

A missing tooth might not seem like a big deal to some, but its absence can have negative long-term effects. For example, spaces between your teeth can affect your speech (some experience whistling sounds) and your eating habits. Missing teeth can induce poor dietary habits and decreased nutrition.

Missing teeth can also cause remaining teeth to shift and bone loss can occur as well.

Common full mouth reconstruction procedures include bridges, crowns and implants. Bridges, either removable or fixed, can be anchored to healthy teeth to fill in the gaps. Crowns use a cemented cap that restores your tooth to it’s original shape and size. Implants are the new gold standard when it comes to dental prosthetics because they can replace your missing teeth without disturbing healthy teeth and they are long-lasting and durable. Dentures are also an option if most of your teeth need replaced.

In a reconstruction, we want to replace missing teeth while making sure that they teeth you do have are functional and healthy. We will provide you with a customized treatment plan that will likely involve a number of different procedures.

Because reconstructions are considered restorative work rather than cosmetic, your insurance company may be more likely to help cover the costs.

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