Removable Prosthetic Devices

When a person has multiple damaged, missing or completely unsalvageable teeth, a cost-effective way to replace those teeth is with a removable prosthetic device. Our dentists at Castle Rock Dental specializes in all types of dental prosthetics and have helped many people over the years regain their confidence with the right removable dental prosthetic.

What Are Removable Dental Prosthetic Devices

Removable dental prosthetic devices are custom-crafted replacement teeth set into a structure to support the replacement teeth. These replacement teeth are able to be inserted into the mouth and removed. They often need an oral adhesive to keep them in place as the dental prosthetic is in use.

Types Of Removable Dental Prosthetic Devices

There are a few kinds of removable dental prosthetic devices to choose from, based on our dentists’ recommendations and the patient’s preferences. Below are the different types of removable dental prosthetic devices our dentists have available.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can help replace multiple missing teeth while fitting around the remaining natural teeth. These removable prosthetic devices are versatile and can be custom-configured into any arrangement to fill in for missing teeth.

Full Dentures

ull, traditional dentures are some of the most commonly recognized removable dental prosthetic devices. They will replace all the teeth in a person’s mouth. This type of removable dental prosthetic is not very secure and generally requires an oral adhesive.

Implant-secured Dentures

While most people choose dental implants for their fixed quality, there are dentures which can be secured with dental implants while remaining removable. Though these dental prosthetics are removable, they are very secure thanks to the implanted posts.

How Removable Dental Prosthetics Help

When it comes to the helpfulness of the removable dental prosthetics, there are many ways which these devices help their users.

  • Fill out face – When teeth are missing or severely damaged, it can change the shape of a person’s face, as the area around the mouth and lower jaw can sink in due to dental damage. Removable dental prosthetic devices can help fill a face back out for an overall healthier appearance.
  • Allow for a comfortable bite – A person biting down with missing or damaged teeth can experience a great deal of discomfort. It can also wear down the remaining teeth as they take over more of the chewing work. Removable dental prosthetics allow people to even out their bites so they can bite down more comfortably.
  • Boost self-confidence – It can be hard for someone to feel confident when missing multiple teeth. By having the natural-looking removable dental prosthetic our dentists can provide, people who had teeth missing can boost their confidence back up.
  • Clearer speech – Our teeth play a key part in shaping our words. When teeth are missing and/or damaged, speech can become slurred with words hard to pronounce clearly. While it may take some retraining, it is possible for a person to regain the clear speech they had prior to needing a removable dental prosthetic.
  • Alleviates oral pain – Damaged teeth which are prone to infection can cause a great deal of oral pain. By removing the damaged teeth and replacing them with a removable dental prosthetic, a great deal of oral pain can be alleviated.

Considerations When Looking To Invest In Dental Prosthetics

Depending on which of the various removable dental prosthetic devices you are considering, there are different factors you should keep in mind.

Partial dentures

  • Caution – Jawbone density will be lost in areas where partial dentures replace teeth, as they are not connected to the jawbone. Also, bacteria can build up between the partial denture and where it rests against teeth and the soft tissue of the mouth.
  • Cost – It is one of the most affordable options available if multiple teeth need to be replaced but there are still plenty of healthy teeth.

Full dentures

  • Caution – Can be prone to slipping and will likely require an adhesive to keep in place. The shape will likely need to be adjusted as the gum loses volume. The slipping can also create sore spots in the mouth. Bone density will occur as there are no teeth to support the jawbone.
  • Cost – Most affordable option to replace all teeth.

Implant-secured dentures

  • Caution – Will likely lose some jawbone density due to only having a few implanted posts. The area between the implanted posts and support structure will need to be carefully cleaned to prevent bacterial buildup.
  • Cost Can be one of the more expensive options to replace all teeth.

This is just some of the thing you should be considering. Our dentists will be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have concerning removable dental prosthetic devices.

How To Receive A Removable Dental Prosthetic Device

While the process will vary depending on which removable dental prosthetic device you choose, the basic process between all of them is similar.

  1. Have a consultation with one of our dentists.
  2. Any necessary dental work, such as extractions, will be performed.
  3. Once the gums are healed, an impression will be taken.
  4. Consult with our dentists on the color and shape you would like for your new teeth. If it is a partial denture, the teeth will be matched to your remaining natural teeth.
  5. First fitting will occur. There will likely be adjustments which will need to be made. The number of fittings afterward will vary depending on your comfort.
  6. Receive you removable dental prosthetic device.

So, start the process of receiving a removable dental prosthetic device today and contact us for a consultation with our dentists.