Poorly Fitting Dentures Can Affect Your Speech

Poorly Fitting Dentures Can Affect Your Speech

Once you have your dentures, either a full set or a partial, you will likely need to come back to your denture clinic to adjust the fit of your dentures.

This isn’t due to any error on your dentist’s part. Depending on the type of dentures you opted for, you mouth will heal and change shape over time. When that shape change occurs, your previously measured and fitted dentures will need an adjustment.

While poorly fitting dentures can affect many aspects of your life, one of the most noticeable effects are how badly fitting dentures will impair your speech.

Artificial Teeth And Speech

Properly fit, dentures will act the same as your original teeth without the danger of decaying. However, unlike someone who grew up and adapted to misshapen teeth, if your dentures don’t fit correctly, you are less likely to be able to adapt to it.

Sound Production – One way they alter your speech is how the sound is produced. You grew up learning that certain ways to shape your mouth will produce the word you want. If you have poorly fitting dentures, you will have trouble shaping your mouth enough to communicate well.

Slurred Speech – Another problem you may encounter is that your speech is slurred by ill-fitting dentures. If they are too large or too small for your mouth, your dentures are likely to slip out-of-place as you speak and interrupt your conversation. They don’t need to move fully out-of-place; if you feel saliva swishing between your gums and your dentures, it is enough to affect you speech and a sign that your dentures could slip.

Limit Desire To Talk – While well-fitting dentures will comfortably rest against your gums, they can be a source of problems if they don’t fit well. Badly-fitting dentures can create sores in your mouth from rubbing over your sensitive gums. This not only could lead to infections but also limit your desire to talk as it hurts too much to communicate.

Signs That Your Dentures Need Adjustment

There is a certain learning curve when it comes to becoming comfortable with your dentures. However, after a few weeks there are some signs you should talk to your dentist about, as they may signal that you need your dentures adjusted.

  • Unclear speech
  • Bite misalignment
  • Mouth sores
  • Trouble eating

If any of these above issue are troubling you after the time your dentist said you should be used to your dentures, be sure to contact them and set up an appointment.

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