Managing The Time Between Dental Implant Surgery And The Installation

Even when no bone grafting is required, having a dental implant placed by one of our dentists at Castle Rock Dental takes several months to be done properly. Dental Implants Are Installed In Stages Having a dental implant placed in stages is necessary to protect your oral health and ensure the implant heals correctly. … [Read more...]

What Are Same-Day Dentures?

As the top dentures clinic in Billings, Montana, our staff at Castle Rock Dental strives to offer a diverse lineup of denture products to our patients. One such product is same-day dentures. Same-Day Dentures Also referred to as immediate dentures, same-day dentures are dentures which are inserted into a person’s … [Read more...]

Traditional Dentures vs. Implant Dentures, What’s The Difference?

A question our dentists at Castle Rock Dental are often asked is what the difference between traditional dentures and implant dentures. Most people ask this because they are looking for the best option to replace their teeth. There is a variety of difference between the two types of dentures. To help you understand the … [Read more...]

Improving Your Smile With Veneers, Crowns, And Other Cosmetic Dental Services

Improving your smile isn’t restricted to just whitening your teeth. In fact, there are many dental procedures which can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Some dental procedures you can enjoy at Castle Rock Dental are veneers and crowns, along with other cosmetic dental services. Painlessly Change Your Smile With … [Read more...]

​Denture Talk: Can you use regular toothpaste to clean your dentures?

This is a common question that many people new to owning dentures ask: can they be brushed like regular teeth? The short answer is no, but why not? Aren’t they the same and made to be as close to human teeth as possible? The Difference With Dentures First, you have to remember that dentures are not crowns. Made … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: Dental Implants vs Removable Prosthetics

When you are in need of replacing damaged or missing teeth, there are several types of dental replacements our dentists can offer you at Castle Rock Dental. These replacements fall into two basic categories — dental implants and removable prosthetics. What Are Dental Implants And Removable Prosthetics Dental … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: Financing Your Investment in Dentures

We want to give you the smile of your dreams here at Castle Rock Dental. Dentures, full or partial replacement teeth, are a great way to customize the comfort and style of your smile. We offer a variety of options for dentures, and want help you find a way to finance the smile you have been wanting to have your entire … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: Flossing Facts

No matter if you have dental appliances like bridges or partial dentures or all your natural teeth, it is important to floss your teeth. If you have dental appliances, it is also important to floss between the appliance and your gums, so you can protect your overall health. Our dentists at Castle Rock Dental want you to … [Read more...]

​Monthly Tips From Your Dentist: Preventing Denture Illnesses

​Monthly Tips From Your Dentist: Preventing Denture Illnesses Dentures can be a difficult tool to maintain. They are an incredible resource, giving people the ability to regain their food choices and freedom to bite into the hardest of confectionery goodies. Not to mention what it does for their appearance, turning an … [Read more...]

Make Removable Dental Prosthetic Permanent With Dental Implants

Losing teeth can be hard. Not only can it impact your health, but it can be an emotional loss especially depending on where the missing teeth are located. Our staff at Castle Rock Dental is sensitive to your loss, which is why Dr. Bronecki and Dr. Sullivan offer a variety of dental implant services to help you … [Read more...]