What Is A Denture Adhesive And How Do I Know If I Need It

If you’re looking to get dentures in the near future (or have them already), then some sort of denture adhesive might be something you’re looking into in order to help take care of your mouth, gums, and new pearly whites. What Is A Denture Adhesive? Dental adhesives essentially work by helping to keep your dentures in the … [Read more...]

Can Dentures Be Fit To Receding Gums?

Gum recession can be triggered by a number of issues, ranging from periodontitis to genetics. If not addressed, gum recession can also lead to tooth loss. So, before any dentures can be fitted, your gum recession will need to be addressed. Whether you only need deep scaling and planing or need gum grafts, once your gum … [Read more...]

Do Dentures And Implants Cause Problems At Airport Security

Travelers who have had dental work may worry that they will set off the metal detectors when going through security at an airport. However, while there may be metal included in some dental work, such as the rods in dental implants, this kind of metal will not set off a metal detector at an airport. Dental Implants Do … [Read more...]

Cigarettes And Tobacco — What Can They Do To Dentures?

People are often warned about how cigarettes and other nicotine products can harm their dental and overall health. Yet, some individuals may believe that once they start wearing dentures, smoking is fine since there are no longer natural teeth to affect. However, that is far from the reality. Here at Castle Rock Dental, … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: How Long Does It Take To Speak Properly After Getting Dentures?

A significant concern people express when it comes to dentures is how they sound speaking with their new dentures. No matter what type of dentures you choose, there is a learning curve when it comes to speaking clearly with dentures. This change in your speaking pattern is due to how your lips and tongue work with your … [Read more...]

Dental Flipper: Everything You Need To Know

Losing a tooth can be painful and embarrassing, yet many tooth replacement options can be pricey. Or, depending on how the tooth or teeth were lost, you may not be able to get a permanent replacement until your mouth heals. In this case, an option our dental clinic will sometimes suggest is a dental flipper. What Is A … [Read more...]

Why Do You Need A Dental Exam Every 6 Months?

Sometimes, it can be a struggle to see your dentist once a year, especially if you suffer from dental-related anxiety. But your biannual dental cleaning is an essential part of your overall oral health routine, and you should be sticking to visiting the dentist every six months. Also, there is much more than simple … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: You Shouldn’t Be Using Loose Dentures

When you first received your dentures, they likely fit perfectly or maybe needed a couple of adjustments to provide you with a good fit. But after a few years of wearing your dentures, you may have found that your dentures are feeling a bit loose and ill-fitting. No, it’s not just in your head. Depending on the style of … [Read more...]

Don’t Believe These 10 Dental Myths

As your local denture dentists in Billings, MT, we have heard it all when it comes to dental myths. From not needing dental cleanings to using gum instead of brushing, all the myths you’ve ever heard, and more have been told to our dentists and dental staff. If you have heard some questionable dental claims but aren’t … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: How Long Do Dentures Last?

A common question our dentists are asked concerning dentures is how long someone can expect dentures to last? Unfortunately, it isn’t as straightforward as just giving you a range of years of how long you can expect your dentures to hold up. Instead, the lifespan of your dentures is highly dependent on what style of … [Read more...]