Make Removable Dental Prosthetic Permanent With Dental Implants

Make Removable Dental Prosthetic Permanent With Dental Implants

Losing teeth can be hard. Not only can it impact your health, but it can be an emotional loss especially depending on where the missing teeth are located.

Our staff at Castle Rock Dental is sensitive to your loss, which is why Dr. Bronecki and Dr. Sullivan offer a variety of dental implant services to help you permanently replace the teeth you’ve lost.

Use Dental Implants To Anchor Your Partial Dentures

Instead of choosing a removable partial denture or traditional dental bridge to replace your missing teeth, you have the option to have dental implants anchor your partial dentures. This will make them much more stable than either of the first two options.

Also, both removable partial dentures and traditional dental bridges are known for damaging natural teeth over time.

  • Removable partial dentures – Since a removable partial denture abuts against other teeth to secure its position, plaque and bacteria can build up between the abutment and the natural teeth. Also, the partial denture rests against the gums, which can cause irritation.
  • Traditional dental bridge – Natural teeth are ground down and capped with crowns to secure the replacement teeth. The replacement teeth have no other anchor to the jaw, so bone loss in that area of the jaw will happen over time.

Some consideration to think about as you look into implant-fixed partial dentures are:

  • Dental implant partial dentures help prevent the bone loss in your jaw as the implanted posts keep the bone from receding.
  • Implanted partials may be a more expensive option than other routes. This is dependant on how many teeth are being replaced.
  • Will act and look exactly like your natural teeth. No need to worry that something will become trapped under your fixed partial.
  • Potentially lasts for 10-15 years if proper care is given to fixed partial.

Securing Dentures With Implants

Traditional dentures are not always the most appealing options. As they need to be removed every night, many people are uncomfortable at the thought of being seen without their teeth. But full dentures is the best and most affordable option for those who are missing the majority of their teeth and the remaining ones are unsalvageable.

Implanted dentures remove many of the issues people have with dentures. They are securely anchored using titanium posts implanted into the jaw, so there is no slipping around in your mouth. You also will not have to drastically alter what you eat when your dentures are implanted, as they will be as strong and stable as your original teeth.

Some consideration to think about as you look into implant-fixed dentures are:

  • Potentially last over 10 years if proper care is given.
  • While an implanted set of dentures is more expensive than traditional removable dentures, it is significantly less expensive than a full set of dental implants or implanted dental bridges.
  • Maintains jaw bone density better than traditional dentures. This means your gums will shrink less as you will not need your dentures adjusted as soon as traditional dentures would require.
  • No need to ever be without your teeth with implanted dentures.

Dealing with the loss of your natural teeth is a hard process. However, with the advancements made it dental technology, our dentists are able to ease some of the hardship. To find out what your options are when it comes to permanently replacing your teeth, contact us today and see what our dentists can do for you.


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