In What Ways Can I Customize My Dentures?

In What Ways Can I Customize My Dentures?

Teeth are indispensable components in the human body and they should be maintained at optimal conditions. At Castle Rock Dental, our sole mission is to ensure that our clients enjoy great dental health.

Teeth are tough but despite their resilient nature they are apt to once in a while become damaged, broken, or completely come off! Patients who have damaged, broken, or missing teeth can find excellent solutions in the denture services provided at Castle Rock Dental. Our services will help you regain the full benefits of healthy, natural teeth.


Dentures are basically prosthetic devices used to replace missing or lost teeth. The dentures provided at Castle Rock Dental are very effective in achieving the aesthetic effects of beautiful white teeth, resolving speech impairments, chewing and consuming foods, and a great way to regain self-esteem.

In What Ways Can I Customize My Dentures?

At Castle Rock Dental we ensure that our clients are provided with custom fitted, comfortable dentures. Some of the most important things that we consider when providing dentures include; tooth color, gum color, tooth size, tooth spacing, fit, and implantation or the use of adhesive.

Tooth Color

At Castle Rock Dental, our expert dentists ensure that they provide dentures with colors that are as similar as possible to the client’s natural teeth color to make them as indistinguishable as possible. However, the client can choose to have lighter or darker colored dentures if they prefer.

Gum Color

When fitting our clients with dentures, we are keen to ensure that we create dentures that have the most natural gum color to complement the individual’s natural look and provide the best final appearance. If you have naturally darker gums due to gum disease, sensitivity, or any other number of conditions, you can also opt to lighten the gum color on your dentures for a more appealing aesthetic.

Tooth Size

When creating an entirely new set of teeth, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Have you always wished your teeth were a little larger? or perhaps a little smaller? You can customize your dentures to have your ideal tooth size and not just the tooth size you’ve had your whole life.

Tooth Spacing

The spacing between your dentures, believe it or not, is something that we pay close attention to. Too close together and your teeth will not only be harder to clean, they’ll look fake. We aim to leave enough space between your dentures teeth to make them easier to care for as well as giving them a natural appearance. If with your natural teeth, you had a gap in between specific teeth, this can be maintained in your dentures as well. This is one more way you can customize your dentures.

Adhesive Vs Implants

Dentures can be fixed using the implant approach or they can be removed when using the adhesive approach. The adhesive approach is cheaper, simpler and less complicated but it is not as firm and as permanent implants.

Denture fit

The denture’s fit is a very important aspect of the entire process. It is not unusual to have one or two adjustments to your dentures after receiving the final product. We want you to be happy and comfortable with your new smile, so if there are ever any problems with the fit, let us help you by adjusting any loose or irritating areas.

Call us today to set up your denture consultation or for any other dental needs you may have. You can always rely on our expert services at Castle Rock Dental.

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