Denture Talk: How To Keep Dentures From Falling Out

How To Keep Your Dentures From Falling out

One of the concerns that many dental patients face when they first get dentures is that they worry about their dentures slipping and falling out. The dentures you wear should offer you a secure fit against your gums. However, it could be that your dentures have gradually felt looser and simply don’t fit as well as they once did. This is a common concern.

It’s important to ensure that your dentures fit correctly, or your concerns may extend further than worrying about when dentures keep falling out. You will be at risk for irritation to the gums and mouth infections.

The good news is that there are solutions if your dentures keep falling out. You should feel confident when you wear your dentures. These handy tips, from our professionals knowledgeable about dentures Billings, MT patients will find can help to keep dentures in place, whether you’re eating, talking or laughing.

Why Dentures May Loosen?

There are a number of reasons that dentures may loosen, most of which are expected and normal. Bone resorption is the most common reason for dentures loosening and falling out. This condition sees the gums start to shrink as the bone that once supported the now missing teeth begins to regress. You can help to control the bone regression by chewing with your dentures in as much as is possible.

Another frequently seen cause of dentures loosening and falling out is simply the result of daily wear and perhaps a lack of sufficient care.

Clean Your Dentures Daily

Do you find yourself wondering, “How to keep dentures from falling out?” Start with your daily routines. Daily denture maintenance should be a part of your routine. Dentures need to be removed and cleaned at the end of every day, for several reasons. Cleaning them will rid them of the plaque that may have accumulated during the day, as a result of eating and drinking.
They should be kept in a container with an approved denture solution and water, overnight. This will help to keep the dentures from drying out and changing their shape. Taking a break from wearing your dentures while you sleep will also provide a bit of relief for your gums.

Be sure to avoid using toothpaste and a toothbrush not rated as being safe for use on dentures. The wrong products can damage your dentures, and make it more likely that they will slip and fall out.

Using A Denture Adhesive

Are you constantly worried and asking, “why do my dentures keep falling out?” Have you tried to use a good quality denture adhesive? Your dentist can recommend the right option to meet your needs for securing your dentist. Adhesive for dentures is offered in several forms, including liquids and powders.

When the adhesive is applied, it creates a secure bond between your gums and the dentures. It will help to keep them in place, even when you’re eating, drinking and having great conversations.

Swapping Out Chewing Gum

Do you love to keep your breath fresh with gum? Gum can be a nightmare for denture wearers and can contribute to them slipping and falling out. Keep your breath fresh with an alcohol-free mouth rinse or perhaps with sugar-free mints throughout your day. An added bonus is that sugar-free mints can help to encourage the production of saliva, which can in turn help to keep your mouth from feeling too dry.

Visiting the Dentist

Any concerns with your dentures, or with the health of your mouth, should be an opportunity to call your dentist for a checkup. If your dentures are slipping or falling out when you’re eating or speaking, this is something that your dentist can potentially offer a solution for.

An examination of your gums and the way your dentures are fitting onto your gums will be a part of your appointment. Be sure to ask any questions you may have, and heed the advice of your dentist.

It could be that it’s time for a new set of dentures, some that will offer you a better fit after the changes to your gums. It could also be that your dentures have suffered minor damage that necessitates being replaced.

Do you need to have the fit of your dentures evaluated? Call Castle Rock Dental to make an appointment. Your checkup is your opportunity to discuss the fit of your dentures, and any other dental wellness concerns you may have.

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