How Dentures Handle Your Favorite Types of Food

How Dentures Handle Your Favorite Types of Food (3)

How Dentures Handle Your Favorite Types of Food

Dentures are a great option when you need a cost-effective way to replace lost teeth. Many patients are pleased with them, as soon as they get used to some adjustments in their choices of foods. Dentures have a difficult time chewing certain foods, as they do not act as natural teeth do. The following information will help you become accustomed to eating with dentures.

Hard or Sharp Bits

If you are used to eating foods with hard or sharp bits in them, such as popcorn, you’ll have to be careful when wearing your dentures. The kernels can get in between the dentures and cause a great deal of pain. If you’ve ever had a piece of popcorn stab your gum when wedged in between two teeth, you know the pain.

If you want to eat popcorn, do so with vigilance. You may want to squeeze it between your two fingers before popping it in your mouth to check for any hard pieces or sharp edges. Alternatively, you want to find air puffed crisps at your grocery store. It’s like popcorn in that it’s salty, but it won’t get in the way of your dentures.

Sticky Candy

Since dentures aren’t secured to your gums, when you eat sticky candy, they will have a hard time moving up and down to work it into smaller bits to swallow. You may end up with a mess as the stickiness gets entangled all over the teeth in your dentures. Usually, people who find themselves in this situation must take their dentures out and give them a good scrub to get all the candy out of them.

An alternative to sticky candy like caramel is sugar-free gum. It won’t stick to your dentures, and you can still get that sweetness you’re craving.


Like popcorn, bits of the nuts can become lodged in your partials. This can be painful as well. Chewing nuts can also cause your dentures to become unstable, which could be embarrassing if you’re in public.

An alternative to nuts is olives. They are softer and don’t have hard bits that can get stuck. Grapes and berries are also options for healthy snacks that won’t affect your dentures.


Bagels, breads, and crackers can have seeds on them, and those seeds can get lost under your dentures. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can really be hard to get to unless you take your dentures out.

Instead of dealing with the frustration of seeds under your dentures, choose seedless varieties. Better yet, try whole grain bagels, breads, and crackers for a healthier option.

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