Does Your Insurance Cover Dentures: This Is How To Find Out

Does Your Insurance Cover Dentures: This Is How To Find Out

Does Your Insurance Cover Dentures: This Is How To Find Out

Dental insurance, or any type of insurance for that matter, can be confusing and frustrating at times. Many people are never quite sure what is covered and what isn’t. And they often learn the hard way — after the fact. Forbes reports that only 14 percent of Americans who have insurance understand basic concepts like deductibles, copays and an out-of-pocket-maximum.

For something as pricey as dentures (usually somewhere around $1,300 according to Healthcare Blue Book) it’s important to know what you are getting into and if it is covered by your insurance plan. Here are some tips.


Every dental plan is different, which means there is no one blanket answer to the question of whether dentures are covered by insurance. According to Angie’s List, most dental insurance plans completely cover things like checkups, cleanings and fluoride. Procedures like root canals and fillings are usually partially covered. And major dental work like crowns and dentures are often 50 percent covered.

Do your homework by calling your insurance company. Get your insurance card in front of you before you call. It will have the customer service number as well as all the pertinent information you’ll need to relay: the name on the account (if you are using a spouse’s plan), the group number, ID number, prescription number, co-pay details, etc.

Email is another good option because you will have a written record to refer to in the future. Most insurance companies also have a website you can find information on.


Costly insurance mistakes can be prevented to taking the time to do research, make phone calls, keep files and follow up. While it’s harder to do, it’s worth it. Many people just getting a procedure done and then wind up outraged about the charges afterward.


Ask for help from your dentist office’s billing department. They deal with insurance companies all day long and have tons of valuable information to offer as well as tips and tricks for speeding up the process. Don’t miss out on their wealth of knowledge. Sometimes they can code a procedure a certain way or pre-authorize it in order to save you money.


If you truly do everything you can to maximize your insurance plan, there will be frustrating moments. You might have to wait on hold for 30 minutes or have a sea of paperwork to sort through, but there is a monetary prize for those who endure it!

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