Do Dentures And Implants Cause Problems At Airport Security

Dentures And Airport Security

Travelers who have had dental work may worry that they will set off the metal detectors when going through security at an airport. However, while there may be metal included in some dental work, such as the rods in dental implants, this kind of metal will not set off a metal detector at an airport.

Dental Implants Do Not Set Off Airport Metal Detectors

When you receive a dental implant from Castle Rock Dental, you will have a titanium rod implanted into your jawbone to provide a stable base for your new replacement tooth. Medical-grade titanium is used because it allows bone tissue to grow around it and provides the strongest and sturdiest root for your new tooth. But, just because titanium is a metal alloy doesn’t mean that metal detectors will detect it.

Metal detectors are tuned to magnetic metals, which are generally ones with iron content. As titanium is non-magnetic, there is nothing to detect when you go through airport security.

Feel Free To Fly With Your Dentures In

Some types of dentures have chrome cobalt metal as part of the support structure of the dentures. This kind of metal can show up on a metal detector. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t fly with your dentures in your mouth.

For many dentures wearers, their dentures are made of either a flexible polymer or rigid acrylic resin to support the replacement teeth. Since these dentures have no metal, they will not trigger an alert at an airport metal detector. Generally, it is partial dentures that have chrome cobalt metal, so if you have partial dentures, you may end up getting patted down by security.

Tips To Protect Your Smile While Traveling

While you travel, you want to have a bright, healthy smile for all those pictures! Also, no one wants dental pain to get in the way of their trip. So, to help keep you smiling, here are some tips on how to protect your dental health as you travel.

  • Pack your oral hygiene supplies – As you pack your bags for your trip, be sure to pack your oral hygiene supplies. There is no guarantee you will have toothpaste with fluoride, a toothbrush, and the other supplies you need, even if you are going to be staying at a hotel.
  • Watch out for sugary treats – When traveling, whether for fun or for business, snacking and less nutritious food choices often happen as well as trying out local treats. However, increased snacks, sugar intake, and less quality nutrition can be tough on your teeth. Try to at least rinse with water after snacking or eating to help prevent bacterial buildup.
  • Have information for emergency dentists – No one expects an issue to come up with their dental health as they travel. However, accidents can happen, and getting timely dental help can make a difference. So, when you are planning a trip, you may also want to have the contact information for a couple of dentists at your destination that offers emergency dental care, just in case you or a loved one needs help.

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