Denture Talk: You’re Never Too Young For Dentures

There is often a stigma surrounding dentures, as some people believe that dentures are only for the elderly. However, if you are someone who thinks seniors are the only ones with dentures, you may be surprised how people of all ages have dentures.  

Your Smile Affects All Aspects Of Your Life

Dental issues can strike at any point in your life. For many people, a few cavities and maybe a root canal are common adolescent and young adult issues. However, there are many factors which can affect the health of your teeth, leaving you needing dentures. Some of the dental factors our dentists here at Castle Rock Dental have encountered are:

  • Knocked out teeth due to a traumatic accident
  • Genetic issues which lead to early death of teeth
  • Neglect, either by parents or by the person in question
  • Untreated gingivitis

Once this damage has occurred, it generally leads to the loss of multiple teeth, if not all of them. This loss of teeth without any replacements can affect many aspects of your life, such as:

  • Self-esteem
  • Ability to eat
  • Social life
  • Confidence
  • Job opportunities

Luckily, with our current dental technology, you don’t have to just learn to live without a full set of teeth. Instead, you can choose to regain your smile by having dentures developed for you.

Why Choose Dentures To Repair Your Smile

A key dental service our dentists provide is dentures, and we have seen firsthand how it has changed people’s lives. If you have been considering if dentures are the right choice for you, here are a few reasons to help you decide if dentures are right for you.

  • There are several types of dentures – For many people, dentures are those things that their grandparents would take out. While traditional removable dentures are an option, you can also opt for a dental bridge if you only need a certain amount of teeth replaced or implanted dentures for the highest level of security and stability.
  • Dentures are more affordable – Individual dental implants are a great option to replace one or two missing teeth, but when you have multiple teeth needing replacement, it can be too costly to have individual implants. By choosing dentures, you can save as you restore your smile.
  • Enjoy greater smile confidence – Nobody really wants to be that person in the pictures who does the closed-mouth smile or feel like they need to cover their mouth as they talk or laugh. With dentures, you can smile, talk, and engage fully with those around you without worrying about your teeth.

Stop allowing your teeth to hold you back and contact us to set up an appointment to talk to our dentists about whether dentures are the right option for you.

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