Denture Talk: You Shouldn’t Be Using Loose Dentures

Denture Talk - You Shouldn't Be Using Loose Dentures
When you first received your dentures, they likely fit perfectly or maybe needed a couple of adjustments to provide you with a good fit. But after a few years of wearing your dentures, you may have found that your dentures are feeling a bit loose and ill-fitting.

No, it’s not just in your head. Depending on the style of your dentures, they may be more prone to becoming loose. Our denture-specialist dentists recommend that when you start to notice that your dentures are fitting improperly, it is time to visit us so that you can get your loose dentures addressed.

Why Do Dentures Become Loose

As we age, our gums will often shrink and recede. With partial dentures, that can leave gaps between where your dentures used to sit on the gums, even if they don’t become very loose. Also, as the gums change, your jawbone will often change, especially if you have missing teeth.

For those with traditional dentures—no natural teeth remaining and uses removable dentures—these dentures are more likely to become loose as there are no teeth to support the jawbone density. Without the support of teeth—or dental implants—the bone will recede, which changes the shape of your gums. As your gums change, your dentures will no longer sit the same and will become looser.

Problems Caused By Loose Dentures

Loose dentures are a problem that can’t just be fixed by applying more denture adhesive, as the problems caused by loose dentures can impact your quality of life. If you aren’t sure if your dentures have become loose, here are some loose denture problems to look out for:

  • Dentures are slipping – With ill-fitting dentures, they will often slip even with denture adhesive applied. You don’t even have to be trying to speak or eat to have your dentures slip if they are too loose.
  • Bite is uneven – As dentures fit more loosely, it will make your bite uneven as the dentures will not stay in the right position.
  • Earaches – Pain and pressure due to poor-fitting dentures can trigger ear pain and enough pressure to cause earaches.
  • Gums are irritated – Dentures that are loose and moving will irritate your gums. As the gums become more irritated and abraded by the loose dentures, they can become inflamed and infected.
  • Difficulty eating and speaking – With loose dentures, it can be tough to eat, as your gums are irritated and inflamed, making the pressure of chewing painful. Also, with shifting loose dentures, speech is often slurred.
  • Headaches – As with earaches, pain in the mouth and jaw can trigger headaches, from ongoing low-grade headaches to full-blown migraines.
  • Blister on gums – With the hard acrylic of loose dentures rubbing against your gums, painful blisters can form.

It shouldn’t be painful just to put your dentures in your mouth in the morning. So, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or enduring pain to just wear your dentures, it is time to visit our denture clinic for help.

Options To Fix Loose Dentures In Billings, MT

Should you recognize the signs of loose dentures while wearing your dentures, there are some options you can consider.

Denture relines – When caught early on, you can have your dentures relined with more denture material to improve the fit. There is temporary denture relining that can be done in-office, or for a more permanent solution, our dentists can take the necessary impressions and have a denture lab add more material to your dentures to improve the fit.

Remake dentures – Sometimes, the dentures are too ill-fitting for relining to fix the problem, and the dentures need to be completely remade. You can opt for a remake or take the opportunity to switch to a more durable solution.

Change to implant dentures – With implant-fixed dentures, you will have dental implants to support your jawbone density and keep your dentures secure.

If you are dealing with loose dentures, you won’t know what options are available to you until you consult with our dentists. To set up your consultation, feel free to contact us today. We are ready to help you smile again!

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