Denture Talk: The Real Cost Of Putting Off Dentures

Denture Talk

Many people put off getting dentures long after they need them. It’s a course of action or, more aptly put, inaction that can take a toll on your health, both emotional and physical.

When you decide to move forward to fix your missing teeth, a good dentist can fit you with dentures—either traditional or implanted—that will have you smiling again. First, though, let’s talk about the detriments of delaying dentures.

The Social Toll Of Putting Off Dentures

If you have numerous missing or diseased teeth, you may find yourself uncomfortable in social situations. It’s common for people who’ve forgone needed dentures to avoid smiling, feeling a self-consciousness that puts a major crimp in their interactions.

The situation is likely to worsen if you don’t address it, whether through implants, a bridge or dentures. This is because when you’re missing teeth, neighboring teeth have a tendency to shift. These out-of-position teeth can be harder to clean, leaving you prone to more tooth decay and gum disease.

Your Missing Teeth Can Cause Speech Problems

When your teeth are missing, you may experience an alteration in the way you speak like slurring or mispronouncing your words. Gaps in your teeth can also cause you to make whistling sounds and spit while talking. Having people fail to understand what you’re saying, or avoiding talking altogether out of embarrassment, can deal another blow to your social life. Keeping your lips sealed when you’re around people is a sure path to social isolation and a sign that a trip to the dentist is in order.

Putting Off Getting Dentures Can Make You Look Older

Unaddressed tooth loss can also make you look years older. Without teeth, your jaw tends to ascend while the bottom third of your face collapses. This creates the appearance your chin is trying to touch your nose, and leads to wrinkles stretching from your mouth to your cheeks.

When you’ve lost most of your teeth, your body also halts the flow of blood to your jaw and gums. This causes them to shrink and provide less support for the skin, resulting in radial lip lines. Further, when your lips are unsupported they look thinner, another effect that can make you look older.

Conventional dentures help your jaw stay in place and fill out your face and lips for a healthier look. Implanted dentures do even more to help you look younger, because the titanium posts implanted in your jaw invite the body to renew blood flow to your jaw and gums.

Putting Off Dentures Makes It Hard To Eat

Eating is another problem when you have missing teeth, and a major one. Biting down on food becomes uncomfortable and wears down your remaining teeth, which must take over chewing duty.

Many people who fail to address tooth loss avoid eating tough, chewy or crunchy foods like vegetables and meat. They rely instead on soft, carb-heavy foods like mashed potatoes.This diet, short on protein and vitamins, can lead to malnutrition. When someone with few teeth does tackle hard or chewy food, it may not be properly broken down by the time it reaches the stomach. This makes it harder for the body to absorb nutrients, exacerbating the problem.

Getting dentures—whether full or partial, traditional or implanted—helps even out your bite, putting the pleasure and sustenance back in eating.

These are just a few of the problems caused by putting off dentures. If you’ve been in avoidance mode, it’s time to examine the source of your procrastination. If it’s nerves that are holding you back, consider that the effects of neglected teeth are more fearsome than visiting a caring dentist.

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