Denture Talk: How to Avoid Bad Breath With Dentures

Denture Talk

Most people at one point or another is paranoid that their breath smells bad. Unfortunately, according to our dentists at Castle Rock Dental, those who have dentures can be even more prone to having bad breath as food particles become trapped.

But you don’t have to just resign yourself to bad breath. To help you avoid halitosis developing around your dentures, our dentists have some tips for you.

Lightly Clean Your Dentures After Meals

What generally causes bad breath is a buildup of calcium and plaque, which can become hardened and trap smells. To prevent these things from building up, you can take a moment to brush your dentures after you eat.

You don’t have to remove them to give them a quick brushing. Even a light once-over can help keep your dentures and breath fresh.

Brush Gums And Tongue

The soft tissue of the mouth is another key area to clean. With a soft bristle brush, gently brush your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth once you have taken out your dentures for the day. The gums may be a little tender after a day of wearing your dentures, so be gentle and don’t scrub at them. You can also use mouthwash for that extra refreshing feeling, though it should not replace brushing.

Use Denture Adhesive

To help keep food particles from becoming trapped between your dentures and your gums, use a liberal amount of denture adhesive. With the adhesive in place, it will create a seal between your gums and your dentures, helping prevent food from slipping in-between.

Floss Between Implanted Dentures

If you have opted for implanted dentures, you will still need to clean around them, even though they look and act more like your natural teeth than traditional dentures.

Along with brushing them, be sure to floss the areas where your gums meet your implanted dentures. You can either use a floss designed to be threaded between gums and dentures or just use a floss threader to pull regular floss into the right position.

Deep Clean Your Dentures Nightly

Lastly, but most importantly, be sure to deep clean your dentures every night. Using a soft bristle brush, go into all the areas you could and could not reach when your dentures are in your mouth. After they are brushed and rinsed, place them to soak in a container of water overnight.

To help ensure everything is clean, you can add a denture cleanser tablet to the water. Follow the directions on the cleanser’s box for how long you are supposed to soak your dentures.

If you need more assistance with your dentures, contact us. Our dentists specialize in dentures and dental implants, so they can give you specific help that a general dentist may not be able to provide.

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