Denture Talk: Can You Wear Dentures With An Overbite?

Denture Talk - Can You Wear Dentures With An Overbite

Are you missing teeth? The loss of teeth brings with it the loss of your smile and a decrease in your confidence levels. Perhaps you are interested in dentures, but you’re faced with an issue like malocclusion; an over or underbite. In truth, most of us have a very slight overbite that does not require correction.

Having a more severe overbite can often mean that you don’t qualify for dental implants. It’s not impossible to get dental implants surgically placed with an overbite, but it can mean a significant amount of planning in order to avoid implant failure.

Dentures can often prove to be the more prudent option. Working with the right team of denture professionals can ensure that you get the results you are looking for.

Whether you have an overbite, crossbite or underbite, it can help to know all there is to know about your candidacy for dentures. After all, dentures don’t just restore your smile. They can restore your ability to enjoy certain foods, and speak clearly. They can also restore your self-esteem that may have taken a dip when you lost your smile.

Remember, An Overbite Is Natural

It is important to keep in mind that a slight overbite is completely natural. It is partially as a result of how our teeth develop. It is also partially influenced by lifestyle factors, including the way that we eat.

However, if your overbite has developed beyond what would be considered to be moderate, it is no longer just a cosmetic concern. Any concern with an overbite, crossbite or underbite can contribute to a significant amount of tooth wear. There can also be extensive tooth damage. This is as a result of your jaws not fitting together correctly, leading to excessive wear on each of the teeth that are in contact with each other.

The result of an extreme overbite is quite often the individual being more prone to losing teeth. This can increase the likelihood that they will need dentures, or another tooth replacement solution. Getting dentures with an overbite is possible, with the right set of circumstances and the right team of professionals in your corner.

Are Overbites Issues And Dentures Compatible?

When it comes to an overbite dentures may give you cause for concern. You may wonder whether having an overbite, or other bite concern, excludes you from getting dentures. Many who’ve struggled with an overbite, or perhaps one of the other related concerns, could find themselves unhappy with the appearance and functionality of their teeth.

The hope is that dentures can remedy these concerns. In the case of a small to moderate overbite, it is absolutely possible to use dentures to restore your smile. If the overbite is more severe, it may take more invasive options in order to get the desired results.

Dentures are a great smile restoration solution. Whether partial or full options are used, dentures can restore your smile, your ability to eat and chew, and they can help to keep you speaking clearly.

To a degree, dentures can be designed to work with and even correct an overbite to an extent. The denture appliance can be structured in a manner that angles the teeth so they significantly reduce the individual’s overbite. The majority of patients find that they are satisfied with the results they see from this approach.

It is important to be aware that your dentures will need to comfortably fit across the ridge on the lower or upper jaw; the area where your teeth once were. This does limit the extent of overbite correction that is possible. The same holds true for crossbite denture solutions.

Keep in mind that if too much correction is attempted, it can result in the dentures and potentially the structure of your face looking unnatural. Whether interested in upper denture overbite correction, or simply just restoring your smile with an underbite, there is a solution that will meet your needs.

Dentures With Implants

One concern about dentures is that they are not typically secure enough in order to reposition the jaw. Direct lateral force on your dentures can result in them becoming dislodged. When combined with dental implants, there is support and stability. This level of support allows for denture design that can help to correct malocclusion, including an overbite.

Dentures can restore your smile, restore your confidence and can even help you to see an improvement of your overbite. Ready to learn more? Call Billings Denture Clinic to make your appointment.

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