Denture Talk: Are There Different Kinds Of Dentures?

The image of dentures that comes to most people’s minds is the traditional removable dentures, the ones they may have seen their grandparents use. However, dental technology has become far more advanced, and there are several different kinds of dentures now available.

Two Basic Styles Of Dentures

Here at Castle Rock Dental, our dentists have two basic styles of dentures available—removable dentures and permanent dentures. Both of these styles have merit and which works for you will depend on a combination of factors.

Removable Dentures

There are three types of removable dentures which are partial dentures, full dentures, and implant-supported overdentures, though the overdentures are a blend of permanent and removable.

With removable dentures, you have the convenience of taking out your dentures, which can make it easier to clean them than fixed dentures. However, as they are removable, this style of dentures are less stable and more prone to shift if you are eating or speaking.

Permanent Dentures

Only one style of permanent denture is available at this time, which is the fixed implant dentures. These dentures provide a high amount of stability for the user, as they are held in place with implanted rods.

This style is more expensive than the others, as it is more time and material intensive, but you can treat them like natural teeth, which is a high benefit for those who need full teeth replacements.

Different Types Of Dentures Available

There are four different types of dentures that are currently available here at Castle Rock Dental.

  • Partial dentures – When you are missing multiple teeth, an option to correct the issue is partial dentures. This style of dentures can be formed to replace teeth in basically every configuration. Partial dentures are a good and affordable option when you have multiple missing teeth.
  • Full removable dentures – With removable full dentures, they are designed to completely replace the natural teeth. These dentures are secured in your mouth using an adhesive, and you need to remove them nightly to clean them. When it comes to replacing all your teeth, traditional dentures are the most affordable option.
  • Implant overdentures – Choosing implant-supported overdentures often means that you will have two titanium implant rods placed in the lower jaw with two in the upper jaw so that you can snap the dentures in and out of place. With just the two supporting rods per denture, these oral devices are much more secure than traditional dentures and don’t cost as much as fixed dentures.
  • Fixed implant dentures – Sturdiest of the different types of dentures, fixed implant dentures allow you the freedom of treating your dentures like your natural teeth, as they won’t slip if you want to eat something chew or move around and slur your speech. However, this style of dentures is one of the most expensive options when it comes to dentures.

Work With Castle Rock Dental To Find The Right Dentures

As each dental situation is unique, it is essential that you consult with our dentists in-person to determine what type of dentures is best for your needs.

If you are interested in any of the types of dentures we discussed, please contact us today to set up an appointment to consult with one of our dentists.

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