Denture Talk: Are Supported Or Fixed-Implant Dentures What You Need?

If you have been considering dentures to address your oral health needs, you likely know that there are several styles of dentures and that implanted dentures are the most stable options. However, what you may not know is that there are two different types of implanted dentures—implant-supported dentures and fixed-implant dentures.

To help you determine which of these dentures are right for your dental needs, our dentists here at Castle Rock Dental are here to help explain.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures And Fixed-Implant Denture

When it comes to your implant denture options, you may be surprised that you have options. One of the major appeals of implant dentures is that they provide a more permanent solution to your dental issues. However, depending on which implant denture solution you choose, the permanence and stability are different.

Implant-supported dentures—also called implant-supported dentures and snap-in dentures—are a type of removable prosthetic dental device. If this is the type you choose, our dentists will place 2-4 dental implants into your jaw and have a denture fabricated so that you can snap in onto the implant posts. The implant titanium posts will make the dentures more stable, and you will need to take it out at night to clean it overnight.

As for fixed-implant dentures—also called All-On-Four and screw-in permanent hybrid dentures—our dentists will place at least four dental implants or more into your jaw. Once these implants have healed and are in place, the dentures are fixed into position and cannot be removed.

Pros And Cons Of The Different Implanted Dentures

Now that it is clear what these dentures are, it’s time to talk about the pros and cons of both the implant-supported dentures and fixed-implant dentures.

Implant-Supported Overdentures


  • Generally, implant-supported dentures are more affordable than fixed-implant dentures, as fewer implants are needed to support the dentures.
  • These dentures are fairly easy to remove so that you can clean them and the gums below.
  • Even with only a few supportive implants, these dentures allow for more natural speech and bite than traditional dentures.
  • As fewer implants are needed, it is less likely that you will need any bone graft before receiving implant-supported overdentures.
  • Implant-supported dentures are an attractive and realistic-looking option.


  • Your gums will take most of the force of your bite, as the implant-supported dentures will rest primarily on your gums, not the couple of implants.
  • Taking the supported dentures in and out of your mouth wears them out sooner, and they will need to be replaced sooner than fixed-implant dentures.
  • As there are only a few implants, the stability of these dentures can’t compare to fixed implant dentures.
  • Should one of your implants fail, you likely will not be able to use your implant-supported dentures until it is replaced.

Fixed-Implant Dentures


  • These fixed-implant dentures provide the most natural bite and speech out of any dentures currently available, thanks to the multiple implants.
  • If one implant should fail, it won’t impact the overall effectiveness of your dentures.
  • With the multiple implants, your jawbone will be better supported and not deteriorate.
  • The implants and your jawbone will take most of the force of your bite, rather than your gums.
  • Fixed-implant dentures are low-profile and look remarkably like natural teeth so that most people will never know you are wearing dentures.


  • Aside from getting a full mouth of dental implants, fixed-implant dentures are one of the most expensive options.
  • Can take longer to receive fixed-implant dentures, depending on if you need bone grafting or additional healing time after receiving your implants.

Discuss Your Denture Options With Castle Rock Dental

Knowing this information can definitely help when you are ready to tackle your dental needs. However, exactly which type of implanted dentures is best for you is something you need to discuss with an experienced dentist. Lucky for you, right here in Billings, MT you have access to our dentists here at Castle Rock Dental.

Working with our dentists to figure out what dentures are right for you is as easy as contacting us to set up your consultation. We look forward to helping you reach your dental health goals!

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