Denture Talk: All You Need To Know About Partial Dentures

There are plenty of instances where you don’t need the full traditional dentures, but other dental solutions such as dental implants or dental bridges aren’t the answer. Instead, you can opt for partial dentures as a flexible solution to replace missing and damaged teeth.

Partial dentures are custom-made dental structures that are designed to fit in naturally with the rest of your teeth. That way, you can enjoy a natural-looking smile as well as restoring the normal functionality of your mouth. Often, partial dentures are made up of a metal base for durability and acrylic for the gums and teeth.

This style of dentures can be designed to accommodate for most configurations of tooth loss and damage, making partial dentures a popular option here at Castle Rock Dental.

When Do You Need Partial Dentures

There are several factors to consider when it comes to partial dentures and determining if they are the right dental option for you. Below are some of the things you might want to consider to decide if now is when you need partial dentures.

Multiple teeth missing – Replacing damaged and missing teeth becomes more expensive the more of them you need to be replaced. This expense factor makes dental implants and fixed dental bridges too expensive for some people. However, partial dentures can be designed to make up for any number of missing teeth, no matter the locations and do it more affordably in most cases.
Prevent teeth from shifting – When you are missing teeth, your remaining teeth will have a tendency to shift. To prevent them from shifting position and changing your bite and alignment, partial dentures can fill in for the missing teeth and help your natural teeth stay in place.
Even out your bite pressure – For those who are missing teeth, there is extra stress placed on the remaining teeth. This pressure isn’t always evenly distributed, and the excess pressure can hurt your remaining natural teeth. However, with a partial denture, your bite pressure can be evened out.
Avoid sunken-in features – If you are missing several teeth in one area, it can create a sunken-in look, as there are no teeth there to fill out your facial features. Partial dentures can provide that support and help your features look evener and full.
Improve speech clarity – Missing teeth—depending on their position—can cause a speech impediment and/or lead to slurred speech. While a partial denture will feel different in your mouth that your natural teeth, you can improve your speech clarity once you get used to the shape of your partial denture.
Boost self-confidence – Dealing with missing or severely damaged teeth can be hard on your self-confidence. Our dentists have had patients tell them that they could hardly look in the mirror and never smile in pictures because of their teeth. But with partial dentures, you can enjoy a natural-looking smile again.

Pros And Cons Of Partial Dentures

Now that you have a good idea when you should consider working with our dentists to get partial dentures, it is important that you know the pros and cons.

Not all the potential pros and cons will be applicable to your situation, and if you have concerns, we encourage you to discuss them with our dentists during your consultation. That way, you can receive personalized assistance, rather than a general list of pros and cons that are broadly applicable.

Pros Of Partial Dentures

  • The flexible design allows people with all different types of dental concerns to enjoy natural-looking teeth replacements.
  • Partial dentures are one of the most cost-effective options when you need to replace multiple teeth.
  • Your natural teeth and gums color can be matched so that your partial dentures blend in with the rest of your teeth.
  • Minimal denture adhesive needed to ensure that the partial dentures stay in place.

Cons Of Partial Dentures

  • You may need to have crowns placed on a few of your natural teeth to help the partial denture fit better.
  • Partial dentures can not stop jawbone density loss, as they sit on top of the gums.
  • Need to be removed and cleaned nightly, or bacteria can build up between the partial denture and your gums as well as the remaining teeth.
  • Can last anywhere from 5-15 years, though many people need their partial dentures replaced under 10 years.

Partial Dentures FAQ

As you consider if partial dentures are for you, there are some additional partial dentures questions which our dentists have frequently been asked which we have listed below.

Do I have to take my partial dentures out to eat?

While partial dentures can take time to get used to, they aren’t like a retainer that has to be taken out when you eat. Instead, as partial dentures are meant to be a complete replacement for your natural teeth, you can leave them in while you eat.

You may want to practice with softer foods as you get used to your partial dentures and avoid sticky foods as well as hard foods that can chip your dentures.

How much will my partial dentures cost?

The cost of your partial dentures will depend purely on your needs. The cost can be affected by how many teeth need to be replaced, what materials are used, and other factors. Our dentists can give you a more clear estimate during your consultation.

Should I brush my teeth with my partial dentures in?

No, you should take your partial dentures out before you brush your teeth. Your partial dentures should be cleaned separately, and require a specific cleaning solution to be used overnight to completely clean them. Also, your gums where your partial dentures normally sit will need to be cleaned to remove any built-up bacteria.

Can I keep my partial dentures in while I sleep?

It is best if you take out your partial dentures at night and leave them in a cleaning solution. That way, they can be completely clean when you wake up and put them back in place in the morning. Also, it is good for your gums to have time without the pressure of your partial dentures on them.

If you are interested in partial dentures and want to see if you are a good candidate for them, feel free to contact us to set up a consultation with our dentists.

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