Denture Talk: 5 Ways To Overcome Dating Fears Of Denture Wearers

Denture Talk - 5 Ways To Overcome Dating Fears Of Denture Wearers
Many people experience initial nervousness about the appearance of their dentures when they first start wearing them. But, if you are going to date with dentures, you may have a greater amount of anxiety concerning your dentures and how a prospective date will view them.

As your local Billings, MT dentures experts, Castle Rock Dental is here with tips from our dentists on how you can overcome your dating with dentures fears.

1. Practice Socializing With Dentures

It can take time to become used to how dentures feel as you talk. Your natural teeth gave feedback as you spoke in the form of subtle pressure. But with dentures, you don’t have that same response, so it can make speaking naturally a little uncomfortable.

Since dates go better when you are more comfortable and confident, you may want to practice talking with your dentures before you go on a date. Chat with friends, talk on the phone, or just talk to yourself in front of a mirror.

That way, you can build up your confidence in talking with dentures and have feedback on if your dentures are noticeable when you talk. Your dentures shouldn’t be noticeable, especially if they are properly applied to your gums with denture adhesive, or even better, implanted.

2. Choose Food Carefully On Dates

If you are going on a dinner date, you will want to choose your food venue carefully. Some foods can become easily lodged between your dentures, becoming uncomfortable. Also, sticky foods and desserts can pull your dentures loose. However, depending on what type of dentures you choose, you may not have to worry about food as much on your date.

Sturdy dentures like fixed-implant dentures are far more stable and allow you to eat without worrying about food restrictions. That is, aside from the food considerations you would have on any date—aka, go easy on the garlic if you are expecting to kiss!

3. Give Your Date Bright Smiles

Some people with dentures feel uncomfortable smiling enough that their teeth show. However, giving thin, tight-lipped smiles to the person you are on a date with can communicate that you aren’t interested and are uncomfortable around your date.

Instead, give your date open, bright smiles. Modern dentures are designed with care, and yours shouldn’t tip off a date that they are false teeth. To help become more comfortable with smiling with dentures, practice smiling in front of a mirror. It can help you visualize what your date will see when you smile at them.

4. Ensure Your Dentures Are Firmly In Place

Before you head out the door to go on your date, be sure that your dentures are firmly in place. Many dating dentures wearers are initially that their dentures will slip during their date and embarrass them.

By prodding your dentures gently, you should be able to tell if they are loose and need to have more adhesive applied.

5. Kiss Gently When Wearing Dentures

You can definitely kiss while wearing dentures. But, until you are used to how it feels, you should be careful as you smooch someone.

As your dentures will not transfer sensation back to you the way that natural teeth would, you will need to be cautious when kissing someone, or you may kiss them too hard. Not only can that cause your dentures to shift—unless you have implanted dentures—but you may also bump your dentures against their teeth, which can be uncomfortable for both of you.

Find Comfortable And Attractive Dentures In Billings, MT

Modern dentistry has seen significant improvements to the appearance and comfort of dentures, and you can find all types of dentures in Billings, MT, here at our dental clinic.

If you would like to discuss your dentures options or require other dental services, feel free to contact Castle Rock Dental. We look forward to helping you achieve the best smile possible!

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