Denture Talk: 5 Common Fears About Dentures And How To Handle Them

There are some pretty common fears concerning dentures that we hear at our dental clinic. These fears are a mix of mostly myth and a bit of truth, so to help you sort through them, our dentists wanted to address the 5 most common fears about dentures and debunk them for anyone considering dentures to correct their dental issues.  

1. Dentures Always Slip

One of the biggest fears surrounding dentures is that they will slip out or move around as you talk. Older dentures of decades past may have slipped around in the mouth, but this is one fear which can be thoroughly debunked.

With how modern dentures are fitted, your dentures will be shaped to fit snugly in your mouth. Also, depending on the type of dentures you have, there will be ways to ensure a stable fit, either using a denture adhesive cream or with dental implants.

2. They Will Hurt To Wear

There are those who have received dentures and experienced discomfort, which is why it is vital that you communicate with our dentists if you find your dentures uncomfortable. Dentures are custom-made for the individual and should be modified until they suit your needs.

If you need your dentures adjusted for greater comfort, our dentists will be able to help you.

3. Dentures Look Fake

If you have seen a model of teeth at our dental clinic, it can be easy to assume that all dentures look fake like the set of model teeth. However, this is far from reality.

When it comes to your dentures, our dentists will work with you to select the color of the teeth and gums of your dentures. That way, it isn’t the blindingly white and pink of a model set of teeth, but instead, a natural and healthy looking set of teeth.

In fact, many of our patients like to tell us how often they are complimented on their smiles, with no one the wiser that the stunning smile is due to dentures or other dental products we offer at our clinic.

4. Hard To Eat With Dentures

Another fairly common fear when it comes to dentures is the fear that their diet will be heavily restricted due to wearing dentures.

The truth behind this myth is that there may be some dietary changes which need to be made, but overall, you should be able to eat everything from jello to a hearty steak. You may need to cut particularly chewy foods into smaller portions or eat hard things more slowly, but dentures should not stop you from enjoying your food.

Also, if you want to have highly-secure dentures which will allow you to eat naturally with next to no modifications, talk to our dentists if you are a candidate for implanted dentures. This type of dentures is secured with titanium rods into your jawbone, which makes them just about as tough as your natural teeth.

5. Wearing Dentures Is Aging

Dentures are often associated with aging, as many people find they have more dental issues as they grow older. However, whether due to genetics, medication, trauma, or other issues, younger people also find they need dentures but may try to avoid them out of a fear of looking older.

Dentures can actually have the reverse effect, as the dentures support your facial structure and take the place of unhealthy teeth, giving you a more youthful and healthy appearance.

If you are interested in learning more about dentures and whether or not you are a good candidate for them, contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our dentists.

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