Dental Flipper: Everything You Need To Know

Losing a tooth can be painful and embarrassing, yet many tooth replacement options can be pricey. Or, depending on how the tooth or teeth were lost, you may not be able to get a permanent replacement until your mouth heals. In this case, an option our dental clinic will sometimes suggest is a dental flipper.

What Is A Dental Flipper?

A dental flipper—sometimes also called a flipper tooth—is a temporary tooth replacement that is placed on a retainer. This retainer can be used for the upper or lower jaw and is generally designed for one or more replacement teeth.

To receive a dental flipper, our dentists will make an impression of your mouth and have the flipper tooth and retainer made at a dental laboratory. Once in place, a dental flipper should restore the appearance of your smile.

Benefits Of Flipper Tooth

Along with restoring your smile, there are other benefits associated with utilizing a flipper tooth to revitalize your smile.

  • A flipper tooth looks fairly natural, thanks to the customization of the replacement.
  • This type of tooth replacement is one of the most affordable.
  • Unlike other dental replacements, flipper teeth can be made quickly, so that you aren’t stuck with gaps in your smile for long.
  • Wearing a dental flipper will help keep your teeth from shifting due to missing teeth.
  • Putting in your flipper tooth is as easy as popping it into your mouth.

Is A Dental Flipper A Long-Term Solution?

While a dental flipper is a type of partial denture, it is not recommended as a long-term solution as they are not as durable as a permanent partial denture. Instead, dental flippers are considered short-term solutions to restore your smile.

In general, a dental flipper can last for about a year and is normally used when your mouth needs to heal from trauma. They are also helpful if you need time to gather funds for the more expensive, permanent solution, such as a dental implant.

Other Drawbacks To A Dental Flipper

There are other potential drawbacks to dental flippers that you should be aware of before trying to use one as a permanent solution.

  • Part of why a dental flipper is less expensive is because it is made of less durable materials than other tooth replacement options.
  • Bone density loss is another potential issue if you try to get by with a flipper tooth for too long.
  • Long-term wearing of a dental flipper can lead to gum recession as it prevents your saliva from hydrating and promoting blood flow to your gums.
  • It is best if you don’t eat with a dental flipper on, as it is not as durable and can get food lodged under it.

What Other Tooth Replacements Are Available

Even if you initially have a dental flipper, it is important to know what permanent steps you want to take next to resort your smile. Some dental replacement options are:

Dental implant – The most stable option among tooth replacements, a dental implant is implanted into your jawbone with a medical-grade titanium post and capped with a porcelain crown. This type of replacement is expensive, but generally lasts the longest and is ideal if you are only missing one to three teeth.

Partial denture – A long-term option that is similar to a dental flipper, a partial denture can be configured to make up for missing teeth in multiple positions in your mouth. Partial dentures are removable and should be cleaned every night before being stored.

Dental bridge – If you are missing one or more teeth in the same area, a dental bridge can be a good option. A dental bridge is made up of the replacement teeth on a fixed bridge, which will be permanently fixed into position. This option is often one of the more affordable permanent teeth replacement options.

When you are missing most or all of your teeth, a dental flipper and the other tooth replacement options are not enough. Instead, you should talk to our dentists about your dentures options.

Work With Castle Rock Dental On Your Replacement Tooth Options

No matter what stage of your dental journey you are on, Castle Rock Dental is here for you. We can help you get your dental health back on track, and our dentists can work with you to determine what dental replacement options are best for your needs.

If you need a dental replacement, whether it is a temporary flipper or implanted dentures, you can contact Castle Rock Dental for help.

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