Daily Denture Do’s and Don’ts

Daily Denture

Dentures are a great option for replacing missing teeth. While the pearly whites in your new smile are artificial, you still need to engage in a regular maintenance routine to ensure your dentures last and you stay in good oral health.

At Castle Rock Dental, we don’t just want you to start off happy with your dentures, whether full or partial. We want you to stay happy. So here are some do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind when it comes to daily denture and oral care.

Do These Things To Take Care Of Your Dentures And Oral Health

DO rinse your dentures with water after eating to remove food debris and other loose particles.

DO brush your dentures every day using a denture-cleaning brush, denture cleaner and warm water to remove food, plaque and other build-up. If food particles aren’t removed, they’ll start to decay, leading to problems like bad breath and gum disease.

DO soak your dentures each night in water or a denture solution, using fresh solution every time. Dentures must remain hydrated to keep their shape.

DO come to Castle Rock Dental for regular checkups, so our doctors can make sure your dentures fit well and are in good condition.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Denture Care

Don’t drop your dentures. They’re surprisingly delicate. When you’re cleaning your dentures, placing a towel on the counter or in the sink—or fill the sink with water—so they won’t break if you fumble and drop them.

Don’t use regular toothpaste when cleaning your dentures. It’s too abrasive and can cause tiny scratches where bacteria can grow. Instead, use a gentle toothpaste made for dentures.

Don’t soak your dentures in hot or boiling water, as it can warp them.

Don’t forget to take good care of your mouth and gums, because for dentures to fit properly, they need to rest on healthy gums. When you remove your dentures for cleaning, gently brush your tongue, gums, cheeks and palate as well as brushing and flossing any remaining teeth. This removes bacteria and debris and encourages blood flow, which keeps your mouth tissues healthy.

Don’t try to adjust or repair your dentures on your own. You may accidentally break them. If your dentures are loose, see your dentist as soon as possible. Loose dentures can irritate your mouth, causing sores or infection.

Don’t sleep in your dentures. Your gums need a chance to rest. If you leave dentures in too long, you can develop swelling in your mouth and gums as well as infections and sores where bacteria can flourish.

Don’t use denture cleaner in your mouth, and make sure you rinse your dentures before putting them back in your mouth after soaking. Denture-cleaning solutions may contain harsh chemicals that, if swallowed, can cause pain, burning or vomiting.

Don’t use toothpicks or hard scrapers when you’re wearing dentures. Unlike teeth, dentures don’t feel sensations like pain, so you might inadvertently poke and harm soft mouth tissues.

Taking care of your dentures—and your mouth—will improve the efficiency of your dentures and extend their lifespan. Take heed of a few do’s and don’ts and you’ll have something to smile about for years to come.

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