Cigarettes And Tobacco — What Can They Do To Dentures?

Cigarettes And Tobacco — What Can They Do To Dentures
People are often warned about how cigarettes and other nicotine products can harm their dental and overall health. Yet, some individuals may believe that once they start wearing dentures, smoking is fine since there are no longer natural teeth to affect.

However, that is far from the reality. Here at Castle Rock Dental, we are working to educate our denture-wearing patients concerning the impact that cigarettes and tobacco can have on their dentures, from discoloring them to impacting their denture’s fit.

Does Smoking Affect Dentures?

Your dentures, whether you have partial or full dentures, can be significantly impacted by continuing to smoke. Smoking can also impact your oral health as well as the dentures themselves. Below are some of the top ways that cigarettes, tobacco, and nicotine products affect your dentures.

Smoking Stain Your Dentures

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are known for staining teeth. Well, your dentures are no exception. While the acrylic and porcelain structure of dentures can be less prone to staining than natural teeth, they can become stained with regular smoking, developing a yellow hue that can turn brownish in color.

No amount of scrubbing will remove these stains, as the material is porous enough to hang onto the discoloration. Whitening products also do not work to whiten artificial teeth, so the smoking stains are there to stay.

Tobacco Use Can Irritate Gum Tissue

The smoke created by tobacco products irritates your gum tissue and the other soft tissues in your mouth. This irritation can lead to painful inflammation, leaving your gums very sensitive to pressure and swollen. In this condition, you may not be able to comfortably wear your dentures.

Even if you are able to wear your dentures, your inflamed and irritated gums can make it difficult for you to exert enough pressure to eat, speak, and smile normally.

Vaping Can Hide Gum Disease

Along with irritation, you can experience higher rates of gum disease, thanks to the drying effect that smoking and vaping can have on your mouth. As your mouth dries out, it is easier for bacteria to grow, hiding under your dentures.

Yet, vaping can hide the signs of gum disease long enough for it to become progressively worse, as the nicotine that you vape narrows the blood vessels in your gums, hiding the inflammation.

Cigarette Smells Permeate Dentures

As with stains, the porous nature of denture also allows them to absorb the smells created by smoking while wearing your dentures. This smell can’t be eradicated and will leave an odor that will not go away, even when you aren’t smoking.

Smoking Increases Bone Loss

While some denture products—like implant dentures—can help prevent or slow down bone loss, without your natural teeth, your jawbone will naturally shrink back. This change in jawbone shape will require you to get your dentures relined for a better fit, and once the loss is pronounced, new dentures will be needed.

Smoking increases this issue from a problem down the road to a more immediate concern. For some people, rather than having years of well-fitted dentures, they may be lucky to make it a year without needing their dentures refitted.

Care For Your Dentures In Billings, MT

Naturally, the best thing you can do for your dentures if you are currently smoking or using nicotine products is to stop using them. But, that can be difficult, as nicotine is highly addictive, so start by actively cutting back on your intake.

Also, be sure to include your Billings, MT dentists here at Castle Rock Dental. Our dentists can work with you to help minimize the impact on your oral health and help keep your dentures fitting correctly with realignments and other assistance.

If you need professional dental care, whether it is for your dentures or other dental services, you can count on us. All you need to do is contact us, and we will do our best to get you and your smile healthy and happy again!

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