7 Best Tips To Clean And Store Dentures

Taking care of your dentures may not be as intuitive a process as you might think. As dentures are an investment in your overall oral health and confidence, it is important that you know how to care for your dentures. To help you properly care for your dentures, our dentists at Castle Rock Dental have seven of the best … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: How Dentures Used To Be Made And How They’re Made Today

The modern denture has come a long way since humankind first started trying to replace missing teeth. Where we now use materials such as porcelain and acrylic resins, dentures used to be made with far different materials, ranging from wood to animal teeth! While you won’t find animal teeth dentures at Castle Rock Dental, … [Read more...]

Kid Care: What You Should Be Doing For Your Baby’s First Set Of Teeth

Some people have the idea that because primary teeth are eventually replaced, those teeth can go through a bit more neglect than permanent teeth. However, to set your child up for success, our dentists at Castle Rock Dental are here to tell you just how you can best take care of your baby’s first set of teeth. Oral Care … [Read more...]

5 Benefits Of Taking Dental X-rays

Many of us are simply accustomed to having dental X-rays and not really thinking about what the X-rays are used for by our Billings, dentists. But having a dental X-rays has many benefits, which is why we always recommend you come in for your biannual cleaning so you can have regular X-rays. 1. Allows Dentists To Check For … [Read more...]

What Your Dentist Can Do for Your Dry Mouth

It’s an uncomfortable feeling when your mouth is dry. When the problem persists, though, it’s more than an annoyance. It’s a medical condition. Chronic dry mouth, also called xerostomia, can make it hard to chew, eat or even talk. It can also lead to significant oral health problems. If you’re plagued by dry mouth, it’s … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: How to Avoid Bad Breath With Dentures

Most people at one point or another is paranoid that their breath smells bad. Unfortunately, according to our dentists at Castle Rock Dental, those who have dentures can be even more prone to having bad breath as food particles become trapped. But you don’t have to just resign yourself to bad breath. To help you avoid … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: The Real Cost Of Putting Off Dentures

Many people put off getting dentures long after they need them. It’s a course of action or, more aptly put, inaction that can take a toll on your health, both emotional and physical. When you decide to move forward to fix your missing teeth, a good dentist can fit you with dentures—either traditional or implanted—that … [Read more...]

Is There Ever A Bad Time To Brush Your Teeth?

Since most of us were children, we have been encouraged to brush our teeth, pretty much all the time. But our dentists here at Castle Rock Dental want to tell you that there are actually times where it is bad for you to brush your teeth. Times You Shouldn’t Brush Your Teeth In general, brushing your teeth helps … [Read more...]

The Role Healthy Gums Play In Your Mouth

Our teeth often garner the most attention, but the gums play a vital role as well. To help you understand why you should spend more time caring for your gums, our dentists at Castle Rock Dental have provided some insights. Why Your Gums Are Important Your gums are the foundation of your teeth. When the gums are … [Read more...]

Denture Talk: How To Whiten And Prevent Stains On Your Dentures

When you are fitted with a good set of dentures, whether complete or partial, it can be cause for celebration. You’ve gotten back your white, bright smile! So it’s all the more disheartening if, over time, your dentures become stained, yellowed and dull. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent discolored dentures and … [Read more...]