7 Reasons to Choose Implants Over Dentures

7 Reasons to Choose Implants Over Dentures

7 Reasons to Choose Implants Over Dentures

Your dentist has probably come to you with two options: you either need to have implants or dentures. You’ve decided to think about it and do some research to decide which is best for you. The following are the reasons to choose dental implants over dentures.

#1: Implants Are More Like Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants are strong and stable. It looks, feels, and fits just like a natural tooth. Dentures are not like natural teeth, so they can lead to bone deterioration. Dentures can also make it difficult to eat, smile, and even speak.

#2: Implants Are Forever

Implants last a lifetime with periodic adjustments. Dentures may need to be replaced every five years, especially if they are not cared for as directed by your dentist. The replacement costs can add up quickly versus paying for the implants.

#3: Implants Allow You to Smile with Confidence

You don’t have to worry about your dentures falling out or moving when speaking if you have implants. Implants remain in place, just like your natural teeth. This means you can smile with confidence knowing no one will know you have implants.

#4: Dentures Can Change the Look of Your Face

Since implants go where your natural teeth were, you don’t have to worry about your mouth or face looking different. The same can’t be said for dentures, as the size of it can make it look like your face is wider.

#5: You Won’t Miss Out on Your Favorite Foods

With dentures, you won’t be able to eat anything you want. With implants, you can eat whatever you ate before losing your teeth. This may have just made your decision if you tend to like sticky or gummy types of treats.

#6: You Won’t Damage Healthy Teeth

Implants are placed where the root was of the tooth you lost. It doesn’t hamper on any of the teeth around it, so that keeps them healthy. This can’t be said for other types of repair or restoration methods that are available for lost teeth.

#7: Maintenance Is Easier

Implants are easier for maintenance. You simply clean them just as you did with your natural teeth. Dentists will assess adjustments during your regular dental appointments.

If you want a close to natural replacement for your lost teeth, choose implants over dentures. You will likely be much happier with them long term. Contact Castle Rock Dental, the leaders in implants and dentures in Billings, MT at 406-252-1851 today for more information on implants and dentures, so you can make the right decision for you.

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