5 Benefits Of Taking Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays

Many of us are simply accustomed to having dental X-rays and not really thinking about what the X-rays are used for by our Billings, dentists. But having a dental X-rays has many benefits, which is why we always recommend you come in for your biannual cleaning so you can have regular X-rays.

1. Allows Dentists To Check For Cavities

Cavities are not always detectable to the naked eye, especially if they are located between two of your teeth. To help our dentists find and treat cavities, X-rays are taken. On the X-ray, a cavity will show up as a grey spot on the white exposure of your teeth.

Sometimes, the cavity is more of a natural, deep crevasse and only needs to be monitored. By coming into our dental clinic for regular checkups and X-rays, our dentists can be sure to catch a potential dental issue before it becomes a serious problem.

2. Helps Diagnose Oral Tumors

Not many people know that many kinds of oral cancer are often first detected by the dentist. Part of that detection process is through the use of X-rays. Thanks to the X-rays taken before a routine cleaning, our dentists can spot a potential tumor developing out-of-sight, and alert you so you can receive the proper treatment.

3. Provides Visual Of Teeth Development

In the cases of children, X-rays allow our dentists to see how the teeth and jawbone are developing. If there is an issue found after the X-rays are taken, such as a potential for overcrowding, our dentists can take steps to alleviate any future issues.

X-rays are also often used to help locate the developing wisdom teeth in older teens and young adults. In many cases, there is no room for the wisdom teeth, and they will negatively impact the permanent teeth, though in other cases, there is room in the jaw for wisdom teeth to develop and remain. Either way, X-rays are what dentists use to find and assess wisdom teeth development.

4. Assists With The Detection Of Periodontal Disease

While there are often visual signs of periodontal disease, these signs can be masked at times by things such as vaping with nicotine. But when you have X-rays taken, our dentists can see if there is periodontal disease present and start treating you for the problem.

5. Can Help Dentists Find Cysts And Abscesses

Cavities which have infected the pulp of a tooth can create an abscess which is undetectable, though it can be painful and indicate its presence. You may also develop an oral cyst, which can remain hidden until it has caused significant pain and damage. Both of these oral issues can be caught with a simple X-ray.

If you are ready to come in for a dental cleaning and X-rays or any other dental procedure, contact us for an appointment today. We look forward to helping you reach the best dental health possible.

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