3 Denture Adhesives You Should Try Out When Adjusting To New Dentures

3 Denture Adhesives You Should Try Out When Adjusting To New Dentures

Adjusting to new dentures can be tricky, but denture adhesive can help. Choosing the right denture adhesive is unique for each individual because everyone has different needs and preferences. Some people need extremely strong suction while others just need a little added bond for confidence. Some people like a minty flavor while others prefer no taste at all.

There are also several forms of denture adhesive and each has it’s own benefits and drawbacks. Creams are most common, but some people find them messy. Strips aren’t messy at all, but don’t they don’t seal out food particles like a cream does. Powder is another great mess-free option perfect for those who only need minimal bond strength.

Trying a few different types is always a good idea to make sure you are getting the right product for your specific smile. And you might be surprised by what you end up liking! Here are 3 great denture adhesives to test out.


Poligrip is manufactured by Polident and it comes in cream, powdered and strip form. It also comes in mint flavor and flavor-free options.

Reviews of Poligrip on Amazon explain that the product is particularly effective and forming a tight seal between your dentures and gums to keep food particles out and your dentures in. Another common comment in reviews is that Poligrip has a larger opening than other denture adhesives, allowing more cream to come out at once. While Poligrip used to contain zinc, it has been zinc-free since 2010, so you don’t need to worry about zinc poisoning.

The biggest critical comment about Poligrip is that is doesn’t last all day and needs to be reapplied.


Fixodent is a great option if you suffer from denture irritation or soreness, it’s one of the only products that advertises comfort as one of its main uses.

Walgreens and Amazon reviews report that Fixodent is known for being one of the strongest and longest-lasting adhesives. It also has a smaller tube opening, which is handy for those who might not have the best grip control. The smaller opening prevents squeezing too much on at once and wasting product.

It does contain zinc, and while it is a very low concentration of zinc, it’s important to use only the amount recommended to avoid any zinc poisoning. Too much zinc in denture adhesive has been shown to cause nerve damage.


Sea Bond’s website outlines that the product’s main goal is to maximize hold and minimize irritation. Sea Bond is available in cream form as well as strip (sometimes called wafer) form. For the strips, you wet the paper and then cut them to fit your dentures.

For those who hate the oozy messiness of a cream denture adhesive, Sea Bond strips or wafers are a great choice. But if your dexterity is compromised cutting the small strips might be difficult.


For some people, getting the most best deal on denture adhesive is important. For those pinching pennies, buying adhesive in bulk is a great way to cut costs. And whether you are buying adhesive online or at the drugstore, don’t just look at the overall price, look at the price per ounce to calculate savings.

For others, convenience is one of the most important factors when purchasing denture adhesive. Amazon subscriptions are a great option if you want a steady supply delivered to your house without ever having to think about it.

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