​Achieve The Smile Of Your Dreams With Dental Implants

Achieve The Smile Of Your Dreams With Dental Implants

Perfect smiles seem to be everywhere, especially when your own smile is less than perfect. From billboard ads to strangers in the grocery store, it can seem like everyone is flashing a pristine set of pearly whites.

But your dream smile doesn’t have to remain a dream! With dental implants, a skilled clinical dentist can repair your smile to match the image of the smile you have always wanted.

Why Repair Your Smile

Having missing teeth can affect several aspects of your life as well as keeping you from enjoying your smile.

  • Emotional – You may feel embarrassed if you have missing teeth, particularly if it is in a visible position. It may make you skip out on pictures with family and friends as well as keep you from smiling when out in public.
  • Mental – Missing teeth can be mentally exhausting. It can make you hyper-conscious of when and where you smile, and sensitive to how people receive you. The stress of hyper-awareness can take its toll on your mental health over time.
  • Physical – When you have missing teeth, your remaining teeth may shift without the resistance of the neighboring teeth to keep them in place. You also lose bone density in your jaw where the teeth are missing.

Single Dental Implant Fixes

You can have your missing teeth repaired by single dental implants as they will work just like the lost tooth. Single dental implants will be:

  • Matched to the color of your teeth
  • Fit to your missing tooth size to prevent crowding
  • A strong replacement tooth

These are generally used when you need a single new tooth, but the implants can replace your whole smile. However, using single dental implants for a whole smile can be very expensive. There are other types of dental implants recommended for extensive teeth replacement.

Partial Denture Bridge For Smile Repairs

When you are missing or have damaged a large section of your teeth, a partial dental bridge implant may help you achieve your dream smile.

A partial dental bridge implant is different from the traditional tooth-secured dental bridge.

  • Tooth-secured – The partial dental bridge in this instance is held in place by anchoring the bridge to neighboring teeth. This can be ineffective if you’re missing the necessary teeth needed to act as anchors.
  • Implant- secured – Titanium implants posts are placed into the jawbone to prepare for a partial dental bridge implant. By securing the bridge to the implant posts, the bridge is more securely anchored than with tooth-secured bridges.

Full Dentures For A New, Natural-looking Smile

There are many reasons why a full set of dentures may be needed to give you a perfect smile. Whether due to genetics, accident or anything else, denture implants can give you a second shot at your dream smile.

With a traditional set of dentures, the dentures would be fitted to your mouth and be removable. But when you choose denture implants, you can enjoy a secure set of new, natural-looking teeth and not need to worry so much about avoiding your favorite foods. The dentures will be anchored to implant posts much like the dental bridges are, which will keep your dentures secure. No potentially embarrassing slipping when it comes to denture implants.

To start your journey towards your dream smile, contact Castle Rock Dental to schedule a consultation. We can help make your dreams a reality.

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